“The Baby Fame Game is the REAL game of life.”

  • Step1

    Enter a baby into the
    game and receive a
    personalised certificate

  • Step2

    Be the first to complete one of the ambitions from the list

  • Step3

    Win the jackpot!

Are you looking for a unique and fun gift for a child under the age of five? Do you think they have star potential? If you see that twinkle in their eye, enter them into the Baby Fame Game for a chance to win the Baby Fame Game Jackpot!

The rules are very simple, the first baby to complete any of the listed ambitions below wins the game and collects the jackpot. Entry costs £5 and each baby will receive a personalised certificate to hang on their wall. Keep an eye on the jackpot though as it will grow bigger and bigger with each new baby entered!

So if you think your baby has the look of a future Albert Einstein, Rory McIlroy, Winston Churchill, or even Lady Gaga…

Enter them today!

Enter your baby